What’s important
to us in a website


Pixel Perfection

We enjoy making websites that not only look good, but also making sure every stroke is precise to the exact pixel. We don’t believe saying that a line one pixel over is being too pedantic. We demand perfection from every project we do and that starts from the one pixel.


SEO friendly development

Part of the process when we build websites is our focus on facilitating the search engine process. That means building a site with a structured heirarchy and implementating a content management system which allows one to make easy edits to the content or the SEO.


UX Principles

While the form is important, we believe function is equally as important as we try to create the perfect experience for users to navigate and explore your website.


Responsive Design

In the modern age, smart phones have become ever prevalent and ubiquitous in society and with that more people are using their phones to view websites. Every website we do is built with a responsive framework so your website can be accessed whether on a smartphone, tablet or even a computer.

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