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Smart Media provides a professional and results driven PPC management service. With experienced Google AdWords qualified account managers and the latest campaign optimisation and tracking tools, Smart Media currently work with and help grow Australian businesses via Google AdWords. Smart Media will look to establish and understand our clients requirements and build and optimise a campaign to deliver results.

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Search Engine Optimisation

With extensive experience and expertise in search marketing, Smart Media keeps up with the latest trends  in Search Engine Optimisation and across all the verticals in the SEO industry. Being a boutique digital agency, the team at Smart Media are very hands on and work closely alongside our clients in order to meet requirements and achieve desired results.

More Services

  • Retargeting

    So what’s retargeting?  It’s also known as remarketing – and it’s one of the most creative and powerful way of reaching and reminding your customers.  Using the AdWords network, we will place a cookie on the browsers of the visitors that come to your site and we can then remind them of your business through image ads and text ads.  It’s so powerful and yet so exciting.

  • Content Marketing

    An important part of every online marketing plan is content marketing!  Getting the content right for not just the search engines but also your customers.  We are copywriting experts and dedicated to reaching your visitors, customers and the search engines.  Our plan is to write such good content, that it will shared virally around the internet.  If done correctly your online presence can snowball and reach a massive audience.

  • Local Optimisation

    Appearing locally has become super relevant for businesses around Australia.  It’s so crucial that your business is visible in any local search!  Smart Media will help you appear locally on Google Plus, in local directories and on relevant sites near your location.  Google is becoming more and more focused on local search and so are we!  Get your local optimisation right – call us now.

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