Branding your business



Your brand is the face of your company, the first thing potential clients will see; your branding is the gateway from which your entire public image flows. It will shape your website, your collateral; it will colour your trucks, your office, or even your uniforms. Whatever your business, your brand is who you are, it’s what your clients will remember. So whether you need a team to work on, or work with, or create your business’s identity, the creative team at Smart Media is ready to assist!


Working with a brand

Our team of problems solvers, code warriors, and media consumers, aka Smart Media, are able to work with the visual identities for businesses in all industries. Our creative team enjoys working alongside companies with well-established brands, and clear visual identities; we focus on using your existing marketing direction, brand style guides and key demographics to carry across your identity into the frontier in which we excel: the digital landscape.


New Identity

Smart Media offers a wide range of solutions for branding and rebranding, whether your company needs to update its visual identity, change direction, or branch off, the creative team at Smart Media can assist you in achieving your goals. If you’re a new business and you’re looking to create  your visual identity from the ground up and to position your business within your desired market, come in and talk to a member of our team about our creative business branding solution: call us on 02 8203 5856 and organize a consultation today!