Specialist Web Designers for Successful Sites

Time was you could put together a one page site in Front Page and be up on the web for the world to see in a couple of hours.

It would be drab and uninspiring but would do the job. In those days, just putting up a website was an achievement.

Nowadays, there are well over 600 million sites up there competing for attention. That means that your business website really has to stand out to be noticed.

Perhaps you’re tempted to hire a designer with the artistic skills to create dazzling flash animation but this would be a mistake. It might win awards but probably wouldn’t make you many sales.

What you need is a design team that understands the big picture of online marketing. Design is one part of a whole. Neglect the other components and the most beautiful site in the world won’t achieve your business objectives.

Just consider what modern web design has to achieve.

Reflect Your Brand

Having a recognisable brand is a must to stand out in a crowded marketplace. It’s increasingly a factor in rankings as Google strives to identify and reward authoritative sites.

This means that everything on your site from logo, layout, text and images must work together to convey a clear message of who you are and what you do.

Provide a Convenient User Experience

Today’s net users are spoilt for choice. Confuse them and they’ll just click away in search of a happier experience.

To keep your visitors happy and focused you need to pay a lot of attention to matters such as navigation. You need to provide clear menus, internal linking and calls to action.

Try to avoid Flash animation, pop ups and flashing banners. Unless your site is meant to appeal to rappers, they’ll only annoy.

Be Optimised for SEO

The world of SEO has been totally transformed over the last year. It’s no longer enough to have a primary keyword in the right places. And link building needs to be very carefully done.

Be Technically Sound

Today’s web technologies such as HTML 5 and CSS 3 offer skilled designers the opportunity to create sites that are blazing fast, highly optimised and render well on all kinds of devices. This kind of responsive web design is essential as more surfers access the net via mobile devices.

In essence, you’d be wise to have a boutique digital agency handle all aspects of your website from planning and design through to SEO and beyond. That way you’ll gain the benefits of synergy, and you’ll get a site that looks great and gives your target market just what they’re looking for.

When you’re looking for specialist web designers, Sydney’s Smart Media offers a comprehensive set of professional services including, SEO, design, online advertising, and digital marketing. Get in touch today.

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